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What satisfied clients have to say about Attorney Kyle G. Manikas

To protect the confidentiality of former clients, the names associated with the attached testimonials have been abbreviated or withheld at the client’s request. Please note:  After the date of the most recent testimonial below, all later testimonials have been posted diectly on AVVO by clients.

It was very clear to me during my search for legal counsel that I had my choice between generic law firms with an inch deep of experience across many areas, or a dedicated lawyer with a profound level of expertise in the subject matter relevant to my case. Kyle Manikas is that experienced lawyer. It was immediately evident that he knew the system inside and out, to include intangible experiences gained while working as a prosecuting attorney in the very same court where he now defends clients. He worked my case with personal care and was always prompt, clear and concise when dealing with my situation. His relationships at the courthouse and his attention to detail helped him find a small inconsistency in the case that gave him the leverage to plea bargain a reduction in the charges against me when the situation looked dire. I am very pleased with my decision to solicit Manikas Law to defend my case and would recommend him to anyone.

L.L., Fairfax County

I was charged with reckless driving in Fairfax . . . After consulting numerous lawyers, I decided to go ahead with Mr. Manikas. I couldn't afford to have a Class I misdemeanor and Mr. Manikas helped me get that reduced to a speeding ticket. He was extremely helpful in answering questions even before I hired him and he has always been very quick on responding to my e-mails/calls. He told me the things that I needed to do so that we could build up the case and improve the chances of getting a favorable outcome . . . he was right on point on letting me know the things I needed to take care [of].

R.U., Fairfax City

I want to thank you for representing me today in court. I had received a list of quality lawyers from a Fairfax County judge [a list which Kyle Manikas was on], most of which I called. I decided to use you for several reasons. First, I felt your time in prosecutor's office would result in strong relationships with the current prosecutors. Second, when talking to you on the phone, I got the sense you had superior understanding of the reckless driving law and had the best feel for how things would progress. And last, your fee structure, while a little higher than some of the other attorneys’, included all continuances and trial costs should the case have gotten that far. I'm glad I chose you and think this was the best outcome I could have received in a bad situation. Fortunately, I don't know any people in need of a lawyer, but would recommend you if I did . . . not something I take lightly.

L.J., Fairfax County

Mr. Manikas worked tirelessly to defend our son and delivered results far beyond our expectations. We highly recommend Mr. Manikas, he is a specialist and professional on both sides of the legal system. His experience as a former prosecutor gives his clients an added advantage during the legal defense process. His in-depth knowledge and keen attention to detail leaves no "stone unturned" when preparing for a case. Kyle Manikas is a rising star attorney that judges are made from! Have no doubt he will give you the best legal service in the state of Virginia.

B.P., Fairfax County

Kyle Manikas is an excellent criminal defense attorney and trial lawyer. He successfully defended a member of my family . . . Mr. Manikas is an incredibly hard worker. He knows the law and prepares meticulously. He made strategic use of legal tools that other lawyers we had consulted never mentioned were available. He is a masterful litigator in the courtroom. In this case, he achieved a remarkably positive outcome, even earning compliments from the judge for his outstanding work. Mr. Manikas also was a skillful negotiator on other unrelated charges. In addition, Kyle was a wise, calming advisor during very stressful times. From the first time we talked with him, he gave us hope. He was always prompt in returning phone calls and kept us well-informed of his progress and thinking. There was never any doubt that he honestly cared about his client and about providing the best possible legal representation that he could. He proved himself to be trustworthy and effective. I have the highest regard for Mr. Manikas and absolutely recommend him to anyone who needs legal help. We couldn't have asked for a better lawyer.

N.V., Fairfax County

Thank You very much for providing me with legal representation. I appreciate your candor in guiding me to reasonable expectations for the results. My surprise at the far better-than-expected outcome has turned to deep respect for your professional skills and remarkable abilities. You combined knowledge of state laws and county statutes and broad experience with clearly exceptional negotiating skills to achieve an outcome that was beyond my most optimistic expectations. You were encouraged by assignment of a “flexible” judge and gave credit to a crowded docket, but only certainty is that luck was not part of the equation. I will ponder for a long time: “How did he do that?” The obvious answer is a remarkable combination of consummate professionalism with an unwavering drive to serve your client’s interests. I appreciate the time you spent to listen to the facts surrounding my case. It reflects commitment at both the professional and personal level, and established an enduring trust for which I am grateful. Sincerely


Sorry it took so long to hear from me but I have thought about sending you this thank you card for so long. Norman and I can’t express how grateful we are for all you did for him (us). I had and still do have so much faith in you and your work. Mr. Manikas, both you and your receptionist are wonderful people. You made us feel so at ease, and for that, we thank you. When we walked in your office that first day, I knew right then we came to the right place. You were God sent, He directed us to you and I was so right. [We] both feel blessed to have had the honor of having you on our side and for that, we are so very grateful. We can’t thank you enough. Thank you.


I have been in the criminal justice field for almost 20 years, involved in many cases but found myself on the other side with a reckless driving charge. I was scared. Kyle and his staff put me at ease and returned my phone calls within minutes. Kyle told me exactly what to do and met me in his office to explain what could happen. While awaiting court, Kyle was keeping me informed and I never felt like I was in the dark. While waiting in the lobby I actually recommended Manikas Law Firm to people sitting around me. Truly a top rate firm with knowledgeable people and I would recommend them to everyone. Thank You Kyle.


I was impressed with Kyle Manikas' Knowledge of the court system and its inner workings. Kyle's patience and advice throughout the entire process was comforting and on the sort. Considering the severity of my case, I was very satisfied with the outcome. I would recommend Mr. Manikas to my friends and family if the need arises.


Mr. Manikas an incredible attorney - extremely professional, knowledgeable and honest. As a former Prosecutor in Fairfax County he knows how the system works and has a very good working relationship with all of the Judges and Prosecutors. He was very upfront with me from our initial meeting on the likely outcome of my DUI case which I greatly appreciated, He was very responsive in answering any and all questions I had promptly which reduced any anxiety I felt. As it turned out, through the efforts of Mr. Manikas and his knowledge of proper legal procedures, he was able to have my case resolved with a Nolle Prosequi disposition - by far a better outcome than I had even hoped for in this case. Without a doubt, I know I made the right decision by retaining Mr. Manikas as my Attorney and would recommend that anyone in need of legal representation as a Defendant seriously consider retaining his services. Posted on AVVO by a former client

Unfortunately, I was recently cited for Reckless driving for the very first time and was shocked to find out that it held the weight of a Class 1 Misdemeanor criminal charge with possible jail time! Needless to say, I was extremely nervous about going into court and representing myself since the outcome could be very costly to both my wallet and IT career. After doing some research, I decided to hire Atty. Manikas to represent me and I'm very glad that I did! When I met him for a free personal consultation, he came across as very friendly, understanding, and knowledgeable in the legal area of traffic offenses. One thing that stood out to me is that he was a former prosecutor, himself, so I think that gives him an advantage over other defense attorneys since he can anticipate how the state attorney will prosecute your case and plan, accordingly. Thankfully, with his experience and knowledge, he was able to successfully bring my Reckless Driving charge down to a less impactful Improper Driving/Operation charge. I can say that I just dodged a bullet all thanks to Atty. Manikas. I hope never to be in this situation, again, but if I should be, I wouldn't hesitate to retain him as counsel.” Posted on AVVO by a former client.

I just want to say, "Thank you!" You are truly an outstanding attorney, and your staff is extremely helpful and considerate. If I know someone who needs you, I will highly recommend you. Thanks.

Dave H.

Until a year ago, I never had the need for an attorney. Moreover, even though I work with other lawyers, I could not honestly say what separates a good or great criminal attorney from the average one. Then I hired Kyle Manikas, and through him experienced what everyone wants when they need help in a criminal matter – knowledge of how the system works, someone who is extremely hard working, a person who is intelligent, and a professional who never made me feel like I was just another client who paid a fee.

If you are looking for an attorney who does not keep you informed of what is going on, then don't hire Kyle. If you are looking for a lawyer who doesn't review the facts of your case and prepare before going to trial, then don't hire Kyle. If you are looking for an attorney who won't be upfront with you and discuss trial strategy, then don't hire Kyle. However, if you want an attorney who has a good relationship with various prosecutors, who is respected by law enforcement officers and who is not looked at with disdain by judges and clerks, then you need to make an appointment to meet with Kyle and discuss your case with him. During the [time] that I worked with Kyle, I never felt or believed that I was being represented by someone who was only going through the motions in defending me. I never believed that he was thinking about a case other than mine. When he spoke in court, he knew the law and the facts – something that I saw other lawyers not knowing during our court appearances. Although he demanded that I be upfront with him and that I provide information that would help, or hurt, my case, I always believed that he was doing so in order to provide me with the best defense possible. Would I recommend Kyle Manikas and his firm to my friends and family? Yes, without reservation. He very much helped me make it through a very trying and demanding time. He walked me through each court hearing and meeting with the prosecutors. He knew when I needed some "hand holding" and when I needed to hear the truth. I was very lucky when I became a client of Kyle's – he is worth his fee ten-fold. His integrity, his energy, his willingness to go the extra mile may not be for everyone. However, if you are looking for someone who really will represent you to the fullest extent of the law, you will not be disappointed when you hire Kyle Manikas as your lawyer.

P.C., Arlington, VA

From the first conversation I had with Kyle, the key things that I noticed right away were that he was a very active listener, was understanding and was sensitive of the stress and anxiety that came with my situation and how it could have potentially altered the rest of my life. His calm demeanor, confidence and extensive knowledge of the legal process and lifecycle makes Kyle, without equivocation, a Super Star. There is no doubt that Kyle's time as a former prosecutor has made him an even greater defense counsel. He understands how both sides think and can anticipate the reactions and legal posturing that come from the process. His intimate knowledge of the internal structure (Fairfax County) makes retaining Kyle's services invaluable. Kyle is a very hands-on attorney. He doesn't stick you with a paralegal, but rather he deals with you on a personal level. He gets to know you and is always available to talk to you on the phone or communicate via email. Kyle is very current on legal news and changes in the law, which helped out my case immensely. Kyle's positioning and shrewd negotiating skills no doubt allowed me to regain my life back after the outlook was very bleak early on. I will be forever grateful to Kyle and how he handled my case with such professionalism and expertise. I really felt like he treated me as if he were representing a good friend or family member. That's the level of phenomenal service you can expect with Kyle.

J.M., Fairfax County

"One of Northern Virginia's Best" – Mr. Manikas was the best legal decision that I could have made. His professionalism, knowledge of the law and commitment to his clients are beyond reproach. His knowledge of the judicial system along with its judges and DAs was of vital importance in my case. Mr. Manikas not only made my family feel at ease, even confident, about my case, but he did the same for me. After only a ten-minute conversation with him, I was more relaxed about my circumstance than I had been in a long time. Not only did he get a seemingly unattainable outcome inside the courtroom, but his concern for the welfare of his clients is unmatched. I'm not sure what else there is to say other than as far as lawyers go, Kyle Manikas is without a doubt one of the first choices to be considered when looking for an outstanding attorney. I will forever be grateful for his services.

N.M., Maryland

I have nothing but superlatives for Kyle Manikas. He thoroughly researched my son's case and developed a sound strategy on that basis. Of course, a crowded court calendar forced a change of courtrooms and a consequent change in strategy. The resulting continuance and an unrelated event created the need for further research. As a former prosecutor, he was cognizant of the likely stance of the county attorney [prosecutor] on the new trial date and had all the documents prepared for a conditional dismissal. He accomplished the best possible result for my son while being positive and reassuring the entire time, despite all the complications. He did all this for the promised flat fee. He took and returned calls all hours at his earliest opportunity. He was polite, pleasant and professional throughout the process. I highly recommend him. 

J.M., Fairfax County

Kyle Manikas is a true professional when it comes to the law. His vast knowledge of the law as a former prosecutor and as a defense attorney was absolutely critical in resolving my legal problems. Mr. Manikas immediately explained to me how he would deal with and handle my case. He was quick to return my phone calls, meet up with me and answer any questions or concerns I had. I highly recommend Mr. Manikas to anyone who seeks representation for a legal matter. His professionalism and expertise with regards to the law are unparalleled.

K.D. Jr., Fairfax County

Mr. Manikas provides an excellent and exceptionally high standard of legal service. While he is attentive to details, he commits to each client to the fullest, to the extent of defining and securing remedies of a subjective and custom nature for each client. He is the standard of service all attorneys should aspire to demonstrate. He is recommended without reservation to any prospective client.

M.B., Washington, D.C.

From day one, Mr. Manikas handled my case with skill and sound judgment. Unlike many lawyers, Mr. Manikas knows how to negotiate as well as fight. He knows when it is time to work with his opponent and when it is time to go to trial. Because of this, he was able to get a fantastic result for me and I am truly grateful.

Kyle Manikas was extremely well informed on current law and was very proactive in representing me. Initially, the federal prosecutor did not want to work with me. Kyle put in the time, researched the applicable law and came up with a strategy that allowed me to plead to a much reduced charge.

Mr. Manikas is an outstanding lawyer. He helped me prepare for my court date for reckless driving, and did a great job getting the charges reduced (especially for what seemed to be a difficult case). Mr. Manikas knew exactly what to do, who to talk to, and how to keep me calm. After only a few hours, I was walking out of the courthouse without a misdemeanor conviction, all thanks to Mr. Manikas. I cannot recommend him enough.

Rob, Fairfax County.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your referral of Kyle Manikas. He was responsive, answered all of my questions and, most importantly, was successful in exceeding my expectations for representation. If you have occasion to refer others with a similar problem to Kyle, I am sure they will be happy with Kyle's services.

My experience with Kyle Manikas and Manikas Law LLC was nothing short of absolute perfection. I was faced with the possibility of large fines, jail and suspension of my license. I had contacted several attorneys in the Fairfax County area and Mr. Manikas' office was very responsive, as well as professional, expedient and courteous. I had the utmost confidence in their ability to handle my case. I hope I don't ever have to face the Fairfax County court system again. But if I ever do, I am confident Kyle Manikas and his office are equipped to handle whatever comes their way.

Mr. Manikas, I want to thank you for all your time, patience and expert legal representation. It was a pleasure working with you and I wanted you to know I was extremely happy with the legal representation you provided. I have had to work with a number of attorneys and there have only been a few I would consider re-hiring. I hope I never need your assistance again, but if I did, I'd definitely seek you out.

I appreciated being able to speak personally to you the first time I called and that the initial advice and conversation was very reassuring from early on. I was impressed by your demeanor, appearance and confidence. Again, this was reassuring for me during a confusing, stressful and worrisome time. Thanks again and I will refer anyone I know that may need your services. 

N.H., Alexandria

Kyle exceeded my expectations and more. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Reasonable rates. Made me comfortable and eased my fears.

K.P. Virginia

Kyle is very special...he has passion for his field and really cares about his client.

Mr. Manikas is very knowledgeable and reliable. I highly recommend him.

Everything that was handled by Mr. Manikas was done to my great satisfaction and with excellence.

Mr. Manikas made me feel very comfortable. I am very happy with the way in which he represented me.

I made the mistake of hiring another law firm before I went to Kyle Manikas. They charged me a substantial amount in fees, yet made no progress in resolving my case. Fortunately, another attorney referred me to Mr. Manikas. Within the first five minutes of meeting with Mr. Manikas, I felt confident about my case for the first time. I also learned more about my case in those first five minutes than I learned about my case the entire time I was with my prior attorney. Mr. Manikas knew exactly what had to be done, he developed a plan, which he executed in a short amount of time.

I met with a number of lawyers before hiring Mr. Manikas. When I asked questions of other attorneys about how they would defend me, many told me that I would have to plead guilty. Mr. Manikas had a completely different approach. He met with me and discussed several strategies that might be used to defend my case. I felt that he truly cared about how the case worked out for me.

I chose Kyle because of his direct experience in the FFX County Prosecutor’s Office, and it proved to be a sound decision. His strategy to achieve the best outcome leveraged his relationships with the court officers and his knowledge of how to effectively negotiate for his client. His customer service was second to none and he undersold and over delivered. In watching him interact with the police and prosecutors, it was very apparent that he commanded their respect, which surely helped in how he negotiated on my behalf. I hope I never see him again, but count my blessings that I received his services. He charged me a little more, but I believe the proof is in the pudding. I would refer him new customers in a heartbeat. Thanks again,


Mr. Manikas, I wanted to thank you again for the high level of professional service you provided my family in working through this event. I would be happy to recommend your service to anyone in need.