Can I Negotiate With the Prosecutor Myself in a Reckless Driving Case?

In Fairfax County, like a number of other jurisdictions, prosecutors do not meet with or negotiate with unrepresented reckless driving defendants.  The prosecutors are too busy and in fact have no involvement in reckless driving cases that do not have a defense attorney.  Instead, the judge handles those cases without the assistance of the prosecutor.  The prosecutor does not look into or know anything about the cases without attorneys so cannot negotiate on those cases even if asked to.  An unrepresented reckless driving defendant has two options - (1) plead guilty or nolo contendre (no contest) and be found guilty and sentenced by the judge, or (2) proceed to trial against the officer and be expected to follow the law and rules of evidence.  Hiring a lawyer is beneficial because it slows the process down, allows the prosecutor to look into the case and meet with the defense attorney to resolve the matter before it ever is presented to the judge.  Speaking with a Fairfax Reckless Driving attorney can help you gain a better understanding of this process and your options
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