Will a Virginia Reckless Driving Conviction Eventually Come Off My Record?

There are two records to consider in answering the question of whether a reckless driving conviction will eventually be removed from your record - the DMV record and the NCIC criminal record. 

Virginia DMV Record 

A conviction for reckless driving will eventually come off of your Virginia DMV record.  After 11 years from the date of conviction (rather than the date of the offense) the conviction will be removed from your Virginia DMV record. 

If you have a license in another state at the time of your conviction in Virginia, and your home state DMV reports the Virginia reckless driving conviction on your home state record (Virginia reports convictions to home state DMVs through the Interstate Compact), then your home state's laws will determine whether and when the conviction falls off your home state record.  Some states, like Maryland, never remove convictions from DMV records.

NCIC Criminal Record

The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) is an electronic clearinghouse of crime data that every law enforcement agency and government entity nationwide has access to. It is where a person's criminal record is maintained.  

The information on an NCIC is reported to the NCIC by law enforcement agencies and courts in Virginia and throughout the country.  Individual states govern what can be removed from the NCIC record through the expungement process.  Unfortunately, in Virginia there is no ability to remove or seal a conviction.  In Virginia a conviction is permanent. 

Let a Fairfax Virginia Reckless Driving Attorney Help Protect You

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