How Much Does it Cost to Fight My Case?

What a lawyer charges is, in part, a product of four things: (1) his level of skill and experience, (2) his reputation in the legal community, (3) the time and effort he plans on putting into your case, and (4) the satisfaction of past clients.
This is not to say that just because an attorney is the most expensive he is the best.  There are some attorneys that may try to price gouge.  This is dishonorable and shows from the outset the attorney intends on putting his interest above yours.  However, there are also those at the opposite end of the spectrum.  These attorneys blindly quote unusually low flat fees in mail marketing letters even though they know nothing about your case or what is required to resolve it successfully.  (READ more about this practice in an article explaining why you should NEVER hire one of these attorneys.)
Generally, discount attorneys cost you significantly more in the long run.  If you are faced with a criminal charge, like Reckless Driving or DUI/DWI, there is a lot at stake.  You should hire the best attorney you can afford, while at the same time watching out for those that have unnecessarily high rates.  Kyle G. Manikas tries very hard to quote a reasonable rate.  His objective is to charge what is necessary to allow him to spend enough time on your case to get the best possible result.  Regardless of whether you retain the services of Mr. Manikas, you should never make a decision on what attorney to hire based on price alone.   Shop for an attorney, not the cheapest price, 
Cheap attorneys are cheap for a reason (remember the four components noted above that make up the price?).  Moreover, cheap lawyers need to serve a very high volume of clients to make money. Serving a high number of clients means that the attorney will be extremely busy and have little or no time to spend on your case.  This is why they can blindly quote you a fixed fee - they are going to spend the same minimal amount of time on every case regardless of what is required and regardless of the result.  If the rate sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

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