What Kinds of Issues Can be Raised in My Reckless Driving Case?

Every case has different facts and circumstances.  Therefore, there is no comprehensive list of issues that that will be of value in every Virginia reckless driving case and, in fact, there are some cases where there are no legal or technical issues available to use.  However, there are some basic issues that should be reviewed in every reckless driving case. Each has been separately written about on this site and the links are provided below.   

Basic Issues to be Review in Any Virginia Reckless Driving Case

Better Approach - Negotiation

While the above issues should be reviewed in any Virginia reckless driving case, the best approach to take, after having reviewed any technical issues, is to make every effort to negotiate a favorable outcome with the prosecutor.  Before this negotiation can take place you must engage in and gather as much mitigation evidence as you can so that your lawyer can use the mitigation evidence in negotiations.  An experienced reckless driving lawyer with the proper experience in the county where you are charged can tell you what the prosecutors like to see.  Not every case can be negotiated down, but an attorney who regularly handles cases where you are charged can give you an idea of what the chances are.   

Trial always remains an option, but it is something that should be pursued only after all other options have failed.  The reason for this is that in Virginia the legal deck is incredibly stacked in favor of the prosecutor.  As of 2013, the Virginia Court of Appeals held that an officer' visual estimation of speed alone is proper lay person opinion and is sufficient, by itself, to find someone guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of a speed related offense.  This gives you some sense of what we are up against in Virginia.   

Virginia Reckless Driving Lawyer to Negotiate on Your Behalf

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