Most Important Mistakes to Avoid After a DWI Arrest in Fairfax Virginia

Calling the Fairfax County Police Officer to Discuss Your Case 

Many people feel the need to call the officer to attempt to resolve the case.  This is a  mistake.  Once you are  arrested, there is nothing the officer can do to drop the charge.  More importantly, whatever you say to the offer directly, or in a voicemail, days after the event can be used as evidence against you in court.  An officer can use your call as an opportunity to get you to admit additional incriminating information, possibly things that you did not admit during the event or things that the officer forgot to ask you.  Acknowledging minor facts you may not think are important, even implicitly, can be very damaging to your case.  Sometimes admitting something as simple as when an accident occurred or that you had nothing to drink between the accident and the time the officer arrived can mean the difference between an acquittal and a conviction.  Moreover, you gave the officer a second opportunity to observe your speech in an arguably "normal" state and then make a comparison in court.  

Hiding Facts from Your DUI Defense Lawyer

Your Fairfax DUI lawyer cannot properly defend you with only part of the story.  No matter how bad you think the facts make you look, your lawyer must know everything.  If you "fudge" the facts to your lawyer and the case later proceeds to trial, the lawyer will be caught flat-footed in front of the judge.  DWI lawyers can deal with bad facts if they know them, but hidden information can lead to catastrophic consequences in ways you never imagined.

Waiting Until the Last Possible Minute to Hire a DUI/DUI Lawyer

Some people like to procrastinate when they face a decision they do not want to make.  Unfortunately, waiting until the last minute to hire a lawyer compounds the problem.  The lawyer will have insufficient time to prepare for court and file discovery and motions.  You should speak with an attorney immediately to ensure that things can be done in a timely fashion.

Choosing the Wrong Fairfax DUI / DWI Attorney

The greatest influence you have over the outcome of you case is exercised when you choose an attorney. It is critical that you choose a lawyer with significant experience with DUI cases and that spends most or all of his time in the jurisdiction that you are charged in.  

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