What Are Common Gambling Offenses in Virginia?

If you're facing gambling charges in Northern Virginia, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney willing to work diligently on your behalf and provide a vigorous defense. Although legal forms of gambling have increased throughout the United States, the government still thinks of gambling as an important tool for organized crime and criminal conspiracies. As such, state and federal law enforcement actively investigate gambling offenses and prosecutors aggressively uphold gambling offenses.

Common Gambling Charges in Virginia

There is a wide range of gambling offenses in Virginia, some of which may also include charges under federal statutes. They include:

  • Illegal possession of a gambling device
  • Interstate gambling
  • Illegal gambling (Virginia Statute 18.2-325)
  • RICO/gambling enterprise charges
  • Winning by fraud
  • Operation or ownership of a gambling facility
  • Accessory to gambling activity (Virginia Statute 18.2-330)
  • Allowing illegal gambling on property owned

What Are the Penalties for Gambling Offenses in Virginia?

The penalties for a conviction of a gambling offense depend on whether it's a misdemeanor or felony. However, you could face a jail or lengthy prison sentence, hefty fines, and probation. In addition, you could have a permanent criminal record. Here are a few examples of penalties for certain Virginia gambling offenses:

  • Illegal gambling. Participating in illegal gambling and interstate gambling are Class 3 misdemeanors, penalized by a fine of up to $500.
  • Winning by fraud. Winning a legal game by fraud could result in a fine of 5–10 times a person’s winnings.
  • Conducting illegal gambling. Conducting illegal gambling operations is a Class 6 felony. Depending on the length of time of the operations and amount of revenue, the penalties may include a prison sentence of up to 10 years and a fine of $20,000.

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