There is a Considerable Potential Advantage to Hiring a Former Fairfax County Prosecutor

There is a considerable potential advantage to someone who hires a former Fairfax County prosecutor to handle their DUI/DWI, Reckless Driving, or other Criminal case.  HOWEVER, it is important that the lawyer be a former Fairfax County Prosecutor (as opposed to a prosecutor from another county or state).  

Familiar with the Fairfax System

Certain prosecutors, like Kyle G. Manikas, handled thousands of Reckless Driving and DUI/DWI cases both as a prosecutor in Fairfax County and as a defense attorney.  This experience provides Mr. Manikas an in depth understanding of how these cases are handled from the inside out in Fairfax.  Mr. Manikas knows how Fairfax prosecutors and police are trained and how a case is prepared and tried to a judge or jury.  He is also familiar with the internal pressures and decision making process that prosecutors and police face.  

Good Working Relationships In Fairfax

Having come from the Fairfax system, Mr. Manikas has a good, working relationship with police officers, current prosecutors, and court personnel. These relationships are critical to ensuring that your case is handled properly and resolved in the best possible manner. 

The experience that Kyle G. Manikas has on both sides of the system in Fairfax gives him knowledge and experience that cannot be gained by an attorney who has spent their entire career on only one side of the legal equation.  It is a perspective that has worked to the advantage of many of his former clients.

HOWEVER, there is more to an attorney than his time as a prosecutor.  It is important to know what an attorney did prior to serving as a prosecutor.  Mr. Manikas' work as a prosecutor was not the start of his legal career.  Prior to serving as a prosecutor, Mr. Manikas worked on the defense side at a major national law firm.  Mr. Manikas was part of a team of lawyers that provided the highest level of legal service. 

It is the combination of this experience with the knowledge and skills that Mr. Manikas gained as a Fairfax County prosecutor that shaped Mr. Manikas as an attorney and how he runs his practice today.  It is what allows Mr. Manikas to offer the highest level of level legal service. 

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