What is Most Important to My Reckless Driving Clients

What is most important to my reckless driving clients is knowing that their case will be handled in the most professional and competent manner. That sounds obvious and simple enough, but many of my clients have a security clearance, are federal or local law enforcement officers, are employed by the federal government or a government contractor, have a professional license, or work for an employer that does a criminal background check. Their Fairfax reckless driving case affects their career and their ability to continue earning a living.  Their case is one of the most important issues in their life and they want to know that I consider their case as important as they do.

The fact that I have experience both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney at a top national law firm gives them the confidence and peace of mind that their case will be resolved to their satisfaction.  Moreover, the fact that I was a prosecutor in the very jurisdiction they are charged in gives them confidence that I have the knowledge and relationships in place to handle their case.

My clients recognize that lawyers are not a commodity and what Fairfax Reckless Driving lawyer A says they can do on their behalf may be different that what lawyer B can and will do.

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