It's Critical that You Follow your Doctor’s Instructions After a Car Accident

Not Continuing with Treatment Will Damage your Northern Virginia Car Accident Case

How important is it to continue seeing you doctor after a Virginia car accident?  Extremely.  A person injured in a car accident in Fairfax County and Northern Virginia has a legal obligation to mitigate (make less severe and painful) their injuries and damages by following the instructions issued to them by their doctor or other medical provider.  Failure to do this can severely impact your case and what a Fairfax Car Accident Lawyer can do to assist you.  Accordingly, it is important that you:

  • Attend all scheduled physician or other medical appointments
  • Attend all scheduled treatments (physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychiatric sessions, etc.)
  • Attend all medical examinations
  • Take all medication that has been prescribed as prescribed
  • Follow any dietary restrictions
  • Follow work restriction recommendations
  • Follow any home exercise program
  • Maintain the recommended rest schedule
  • Follow any other recommendations provided to you by your medical provider

Your Medical Records Are Important to Your Virginia Car Accident Case

The medical records from your treating physician and other providers will indicate what was ordered, the degree to which you did or did not follow the orders, and the result of any noncompliance.  As part of any auto accident case, the other side will have access to these medical records.  They will comb through the records looking for evidence that you did not fully and completely follow the treatment recommendations.  If this can shown, you may not be able to recover full, or possibly any, compensation for your injuries.  The moral of the story – follow your doctor’s instructions.  Not only will you have a better chance of achieving a more complete recovery, but you will be able to pursue the person that disregarded the safety of you and others on the road and caused your injury. 

Get the Advice of a Fairfax Car Accident Lawyer

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