17 Year Old Charged with Reckless Driving in Bristow Crash

Posted on Aug 24, 2018

Fatal Virginia Car Accident

A 17 year old driver has been charged with reckless driving in connection with a fatal crash in Bristow, Virginia.  The crash occurred near Rollins Ford Road and Estate Manor Drive on July 24.  Reports indicate that the teen driver stopped at the intersection, but then entered the intersection and collided with the other driver.  Further details as to why the teen driver entered the intersection and caused the accident are not available at this time. 

Prince William Brings Criminal Charges

In charging the teen driver, Prince William County prosecutors appear to believe, based on the evidence available to them, that the driver was operating his vehicle with a conscious disregard of the known risks of his behavior.  If convicted of Reckless Driving, the teen faces incarceration, license suspension, and fines. 

The Victim's Family Can Pursue a Civil Remedy

Additionally, the family of the driver killed can sue the teen (and possibly the teen's parents) for wrongful death to recover compensation for their tragic loss.  Even if the teen was driving his parent's car, given that he was likely an authorized user, the auto and other insurance of the parents will be available to satisfy the claim.  Liability can imposed above and beyond the limits of any applicable insurance polices.  Moreover, regardless of whether the teen is convicted of Reckless Driving, there mere fact that the teen may have violated a lesser traffic law will aid in proving the civil case against the driver.   

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