Fairfax County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Fairfax County Criminal Defense Lawyer

In Virginia, criminal convictions are forever and the penalties in Virginia can be harsh.  What does that mean? If you are convicted of marijuana possessionpossession of cocaine or other illegal drugs, possession of prescription drugs without a prescription, prescription drug fraud, possession with intent to distribute (PWID), obstruction of justice, hit and run, theft, larceny, fraud, assault, or any other criminal charge, it will be on your NCIC criminal record permanently and you will face jail, fines, license suspension and other very punitive measures.  Virginia does not allow the expungement (sealing or removing from your record) ANY convictions for ANY reason at ANY Time, and once you have been sentenced, there may be little or nothing you can do to change the court's sentencing order.

Time after time, I get calls from people who were never my clients, but went to court alone or without the proper attorney, and were convicted.  Now, five, ten, fifteen, years later they are being denied a job, a promotion, a security clearance, a professional license, etc. because of one mistake that resulted in a conviction because they did not take the proper action.  Given that a conviction cannot be undone, and a jail sentence cannot not necessarily be reversed, the time to challenge the charge is now. 

But who should you hire?  The days of the general practitioner are over.  As they say, “jack of all trades, master of none.”  Much like medicine, law has become more and more complex.  People want, and deserve, a lawyer that concentrates only on criminal law cases.  Any lawyer you consider should: (1) concentrate his practice on criminal issues (both criminal traffic and non-traffic cases), (2) have the appropriate level of experience (see a local Craigslist ad for what you should be worried about), and (3) focus their practice in a specific county to ensure that the lawyer has the necessary knowledge of local customs & procedures, and essential relationships with the relevant players in the system.

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You should immediately meet with a lawyer that meets the above criteria.  The meeting should be in person at the lawyer’s office.  People who speak with an attorney earliest often end up getting the best results.  Evidence may need to be preserved, motions filed, legal issues researched, and there may be things that you need to do to mitigate the offense.  Delay is your enemy.

Former Prosecutor - Thousands of Cases Handled on Both Sides of the System

Attorney Kyle G. Manikas, a former Fairfax County prosecutor, is an experienced negotiator and trial lawyer who has handled thousands of criminal law cases as a defense attorney and former prosecutor. Mr. Manikas has experience in even the most serious criminal cases like marijuana possession, drug distribution, PWID drug cases, theft, fraud, embezzlement, false pretenses, credit card theft, forgery and uttering, identity theft, grand larceny, gun crimes, malicious wounding, burglary & breaking and entering, and other Virginia crimes.
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