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A driving under the influence charge can change the course of the rest of your life. Your license to drive, your freedom, and much more are on the line. You may let down your family, risk your job, and be forced to endure a lifetime of missed opportunities and humiliation because of one mistake.

Do not compound one bad choice with another by hiring a lawyer without the proper local experience. Who you hire as your attorney can be the single greatest factor that affects the outcome of your case - you absolutely must make an informed decision about who you select as your Fairfax DWI lawyer.

Former Fairfax County Prosecutor Limits His DWI/DUI Practice to Cases in Fairfax County

As a former Fairfax County prosecutor, attorney Kyle G. Manikas has specialized knowledge as to how DUI cases are handled in Fairfax County. Attorney Manikas prosecuted thousands of DUI/DWI cases in Fairfax. As a result, he has an inside understanding of the Fairfax system that you will face - the steps that the prosecution will take to prepare the case, the manner in which the prosecutor will present the case to the judge or jury, and how specific prosecutors and judges may react to certain evidence and facts. Attorney Manikas appears in Fairfax courts on a daily basis dealing with the same judges and prosecutors that will handle your case.

10 Best Virginia DUI DWI Lawyers Attorneys

Virginia DUI Law is Extremely Complex and Specialized

Law, like medicine, is very complex and specialized. Would you hire a podiatrist or general family practitioner to perform heart surgery? DUI is a very technical and fluid area of the law and the attorney you hire must have the appropriate experience. The law changes on a regular basis and cases often involve the application of scientific, technical, and medical principles. Any lawyer who does not devote a large portion of their time to DUI/DWI cases is not qualified to handle such a case. Simply having a license to practice law does not mean that a lawyer is competent to practice every type of law.

Virginia DUI Politics Are Against You

The public in Northern Virginia simply does not like the idea of intoxicated drivers on the road and there are a number of organizations that lobby very strongly for tougher treatment of drunk drivers. These groups exert tremendous political pressure on the legal system. Every prosecutor's worst nightmare involves going light on a particular defendant and then having that person kill or injure someone in a later alcohol related accident. Judges have this same fear. This is what you are up against. Having a clean record will not get you a break. It is not enough to hope for a break. You must have an attorney that has the knowledge and skills to provide you with the best possible strategy.

The DUI Defense Plan of Attack

If you are facing a  DUI charge in Fairfax County, it is important to recognize that prosecutors will aggressively pursue your case. They view you as a danger to the public. The politics surrounding DUI cases demand it. It is critical that your attorney have a defense plan to pursue on your behalf.

Attorney Manikas breaks his analysis and defense of DWI/DUI case into several steps. Success at any one step requires an experienced DUI attorney with extensive knowledge of DUI laws and a practice dedicated to Fairfax County. Attorney Manikas considers the following possible defenses in every DWI/DUI case:

Depending on the particular facts of your case, additional issues and defenses may be available. For example, special requirements arise in accident cases and cases involving blood tests .

Speak with a Fairfax DWI & DUI Defense Lawyer

The Fairfax DUI/DWI lawyer you hire to represent you should have the knowledge to explore every potential issue in the case. A DUI trial is a complicated process with many moving parts.  

Call 703-556-0004 or use the Contact Us box to schedule a free consultation. Mr. Manikas will analyze your Fairfax case from the perspective of a former prosecutor who has an inside understanding of the Fairfax system you will face.

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My son got himself in a jam with a DWI and a refusal to take a breathalyzer; frankly, as a federal agent with thirty years experience I was of the opinion that defensively he was in a hopeless position. Though we had a few names of lawyers on our own, we began receiving promotions from attorneys once my son's name appeared in the court system. I looked them over but threw them all out, except Kyle's. What caught my eye with Kyle's information was his years as a prosecutor in Fairfax, experience that I felt was critically important. Though he was most definitely not the least expensive of the potentials we considered, once we met with him we decided he was our choice. Court date came and we were on pins and needles, the case before ours resulted in jail time for the defendant (also a young student, though over 21) so we were preparing for the worst and hope began to dwindle. As our trial began, the prosecutor attempted to lay out her case and examine the arresting officer, but was cut off repeatedly by Kyle's objections of "here say, irrelevant, conjecture, inadmissable"...and one after the other the judge sustained his objections...to my complete surprise. My son's case was unique for a DWI in that it was not actually a moving violation, rather a fender bender in a parking lot where he then went into his nearby girlfriends house before the police arrived. Kyle locked in on the issue of an illegal search, detailing how/why the arresting police officer's entry into this residence violated the basic constitutional protection against illegal search. As the prosecutor continued to attempt to advance her argument and build her case, Kyle just as adamantly kept objecting to her attempts to introduce additional elements as irrelevant, because the initial entry into the residence to speak with my son was illegal. Long and interesting but the short story...the judge agreed and dismissed the case on the basis of the constitutional protection against illegal search - anything determined after that point was inadmissible. I was absolutely blown away by Kyle's defense; his performance in the courtroom was professional but aggressive, his command of the constitution's protections and law was superb and finally, his reading of the judge and prosecutor spot on. Based on my observations of the judge's reaction to Kyle's defense, I believe he was rightly impressed as well...and truth be told, I think the prosecutor learned something that day as well. Bottom line: Though slightly more expensive than his peers, Kyle Manikas will leave no stone un-turned in your defense, will not promise what he can't deliver, and ensure that he has exhausted every legal option in your defense. I cannot recommend him highly enough. And honestly, I was expecting my son to be convicted and even if he had been convicted...after hearing Kyle's passionate defense in the courtroom, I would still be providing a positive review.
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