Immigration Lawyer Represents and Protects Individuals and Families When They Need It Most

Our number one goal is to keep your family together.  We understand the anxiety and stress that you are experiencing from the thought of separation from those you love most and who need you most. We also understand the feelings of helplessness and uncertainty that many experience when they try to tackle their immigration issues.  

Immigration law is incredibly complex and can be very confusing.  There are many government agencies and the law is governed by a vast number of federal statutes, administrative agency rules, government memoranda, and court rulings (which can vary substantially from jurisdiction to jurisdiction). Moreover, how a given law applies even to two similarly situated people can vary greatly depending on a multitude of factors.

It is important to understand all your rights and options so you can make the best decision and pursue the quickest, most effective path to protected legal status.

Esteemed immigration lawyer, Kyle Manikas, understands just what can be at stake in these cases. Failure to secure or maintain legal status can separate families, causing significant emotional and financial strain. We work hard to ease those burdens by identifying your rights and aggressively defending them.immigration lawyer

Personal Attention From An Experienced Immigration Lawyer to Meet Your Unique Legal Needs

I take an individualized approach to immigration law. Each case is thoroughly examined, researched, and prepared. Quick fix, cookie-cutter, or form-driven solutions rarely work, and often lead to larger problems for clients. At Manikas Law, time is taken to understand each client’s background and objectives, so that a strategy specific to each client’s case can be developed and applied.

Providing advice must start with a thorough understanding of each client’s background. Our legal team is dedicated to getting to know your story and providing the most effective representation possible. If you have an immigration issue, the best way for you to contact our firm is to complete the “Contact Us” box. The more information you can provide about your situation, the better we can answer your questions and get started protecting your status in the country.

Types of Cases Our Virginia Immigration Lawyer Handles

Immigration matters are especially personal and often time sensitive. Even if you aren’t sure how a lawyer can help, don’t hesitate to reach out. Every individual in the United States has certain rights, and those rights can be protected. At Manikas Law, we handle a wide variety of immigration matters, including:

  • Citizenship/Naturalization
  • Solutions for those facing the end of their TPS or DACA protection
  • Family-based immigration petitions and “green cards”
  • Adjustment of Status and Consular Processing 
  • Waiver applications for those with criminal convictions or other inadmissibility issues 
  • Cases involving abused spouses, children, and parents under the Violence Against Women Act
  • Removal Defense
  • Many other forms of immigration relief and document preparation

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Don’t wait until it’s too late. Immigration issues typically have specific time limits, and it is important to act as soon as possible. Call the Fairfax office of Manikas Law, or take a moment to fill out our online contact form. We can schedule a consultation and get started protecting you and your family today.

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