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  • Great Fairfax County Attorney...

    Great Fairfax County Attorney I Hired Mr. Manikas for a first time DUI offense. After speaking with multiple DUI lawyers, Mr. Manikas made me feel the most confident and at ease with my possible outcomes. Having had a high BAC I was at risk of facing potential jail time along with all the other punishments that come with a DUI charge. Mr. Manikas as well as his assistant Mauricio were very helpful in calming my nerves as well as helping me prepare for what I was to expect in court. At my first court date Mr. Manikas told me to wait in the cafeteria along with my parents while he waited for my name to be called. This was very helpful with not scaring me more hearing other cases. After a long hour of waiting Mr.Manikas came out to tell my parents and I what had been said in the room. He was very respectful and professional in asking me if I wanted to speak in private first before speaking to my parents as well. He informed me of everything the police officer had reported against me, as well as recommended we get a continuance on the case. When I arrived to court on my second court date, Mr. Manikas was already there and asked me and my parents to come into a private room where we discussed who the prosecutor for that day would be along with the judge. He felt confident in my chances, and made my parents as well as myself feel that much more at ease. When the time came Mr. Manikas came and reported back what he had negotiated with the prosecutor. No jail time, as well as having them drop my reckless speeding ticket. I was very pleased with Mr. Manikas' thorough knowledge of the Fairfax County prosecutors and judges. I would highly recommend him to anyone facing charges in Fairfax County.

    AVVO Reviewer
  • Mr. Manikas produced excellent results...

    Mr. Manikas worked on a fixed fee, but spent a significant amount of time on my case. We went to court three times attempting to negotiate in good faith and we finally went to trial. Given the circumstances, Mr. Manikas produced excellent results.

  • No doubt in my case I selected the right counsel to represent me...

    Defend Virginia General Reckless Driving Law 462-852 Manikas Law firm was a specific referral because of a demonstrated practice of excellent management of individual cases with notable court results favorable to clients in Fairfax County Court. Particularly in my case the court summons conflicted with a previous schedule in July 2014 and the firm executed a continuance till Aug 2014 to support my needs. The day of court my confidence in choosing the right lawyer was exceeded in observing the proceedings in peer clients through other firms. Mr. Manikas prepared my case, knew the court and its conditions, established a defense strategy with options and was focused on my expectations as his driver in action. He observed intently the Fairfax Prosecutor and testify Officers. Results of the case were a 'Not Guilty' verdict from Fairfax Court for myself. Making this most notable is several cases preceding mine were of similar condition and defense with 'Guilty Verdicts'. Mr. Manikas though concentrated on affirming facts where others wavered to my benefit.  There is no doubt in my case I selected the right counsel to represent me and highly recommend the use of Mr Manikas and his office.

  • very upfront and honest...

    He was very upfront and honest with what he could do for me. I did exactly as I wanted him to do. Some what expensive but what's a few dollars and staying out of jail? Good lawyers do come with a price and I knew that going in. Well worth it.

  • considerable experience with the judges. . . who work within the Fairfax County courts and, very obviously, he is well regarded by them.

    A great choice. Working with very little, Kyle Manikas succeeded in having my DUI charge dismissed. He has a clear sense of the relevant rules and precedents and, in my case, a realistic sense what is possible within their limits. Mr. Manikas has considerable experience with the judges and attorneys who work within the Fairfax County courts and, very obviously, he is well regarded by them. He is a great choice when you need a lawyer.

    AVVO Reviewer
  • extremely knowledgeable, thorough and very well prepared...

    Mr. Kyle Manikas and his team are extremely knowledgeable, thorough and very well prepared. They helped me every step of the way in my DUI case. It was very overwhelming trying to figure out which lawyer to select, but after reviewing Kyle's background and checking out some of the opinions online, I know I made the right decision! He is very much a go getter and knows the law inside and out. He never stopped fighting for me and for my case. Not only was he able to get my sentence reduced, but he was also able to keep me from doing jail time. I strongly recommend Manikas Law firm.

    AVVO Reviewer
  • Outstanding representation...

    Outstanding representation.  I highly recommend Kyle Manikas. I was facing a speeding ticket of 83mph in a 55 and the result that Mr. Manikas was able to get for me in court was beyond my expectations. He was extremely knowledgable and professional, and he kept me up to date with my case every step of the way.

    AVVO Reviewer
  • extremely professional and well connected...

    Professional and knowledgeable.  Definitely knows what he's doing. Kyle is extremely professional and well connected.  Very courteous and punctual staff. I would recommend with 2 thumbs up.

  • Great work . . . very cordial and professional...

    Great work. Mr. Manikas and his staff were very cordial and professional. They took the time to explain everything to me and made me feel that my case was matter. I truly appreciate their service.

    AVVO Reviewer
  • Kyle worked with the Prosecutor's office to have the case dismissed...

    My son was arrested for having a small amount of marijuana is his car. Kyle worked with the Prosecutor's office to have the case dismissed citing my son's community service, grades, 1st offense, etc. He advised my son on what to do from the initial hearing to the final dismissal of the case. Not only did he get the case dismissed, more importantly my son learned a valuable lesson that sunk in by listening to Kyle's advice.