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  • Amazing job. Excellent lawyer! very respectful.

    Amazing job.  Excellent lawyer! very respectful. He turned my reckless driving ticket into a regular speeding ticket. I would recommend him and would hire him again if needed. Thank you Kyle for your great job!

    AVVO Reviewer
  • his . . . preparation was invaluable

    Kyle runs a highly professional turnkey practice. I approached him for a traffic matter and his in depth experience with VA process and preparation was invaluable. He was sympathetic to the facts while being very transparent about the range of outcomes. In the end he navigated the matter exceptionally and I am delighted with the outcome.

    Sam - AVVO Reviewer
  • Mr. Manikas is the very best!

    Mr. Manikas is the very best!  I had a reckless driving charge and worried about the consequences. After meeting with Mr. Manikas, he reviewed the details of my case and honestly explained to me the possible outcomes of the case. I was given specific instructions to prepare for the case, and his team and I were in constant contact throughout the process. Mr. Manikas did the hard work. He came extremely prepared and was able to get my case dismissed!

    AVVO Reviewer
  • Professional and effective

    Professional and effective.  I was pulled over and charged with reckless driving for going 22 miles over the speed limit of 55 while passing on I-66. In Virginia, this is a criminal offense. A criminal conviction would have been personally and professionally devastating for me. I selected Kyle over the other 25+ lawyers based on the letter he sent and our initial interview. He negotiated a reduced charge of improper driving, which is a lesser offense than simple speeding. I recommend him without reservation, and if I needed an attorney again (which I hope I don't!) I would hire him immediately.

    AVVO Reviewer
  • Incredible Attorney - Worth Every Penny. Kyle could not have been more professional, discerning and effective in his execution. I HIGHLY recommend Kyle.

    Incredible Attorney - Worth Every Penny.   Kyle represented me on a particularly troublesome Reckless Driving charge in which I was going 40 mph over the posted speed limit. I had free consultations with every highly-rated attorney in the DMV area and the feedback I received was unanimous: I was going to serve time in jail. That was until I met Kyle and his team at Manikas law. Kyle took the time to meet with me in person, review the details of my case and discuss the charge. He told me (much to my amazement, and a bit to my cynical disbelief) that he thought he could keep me from serving time. The ensuing weeks before my court date, I executed on the things Kyle told me to take care of and interacted with his staff to ensure all of my paperwork and details were in order. On the date of my court appearance, we faced an uphill battle against a strict judge substituting in from a neighboring legal district, a prosecutor under pressure to tighten up punishments on offenders like myself, and a police officer who (rightly so) was doing his job in pursuing judgment against me. Kyle quickly discerned what needed to occur during the morning of my court appearance (conversations with the police officer and prosecutor) and spent the better part of 5 hours making these conversations occur. While I waited in the atrium, he got to work understanding the prosecutor's strategy, getting a lesser charge I was facing fully dismissed, and orienting the day to move in our favor. Kyle worked out a deal with prosecutor that I never thought was possible - I had to pay a nominal fine. That's it. No license suspension, no jail time. The judge approved the settlement, and my nightmarish ordeal was over. Through the whole experience, Kyle could not have been more professional, discerning and effective in his execution. I HIGHLY recommend Kyle to anyone facing legal trouble and am so thankful that I turned to him instead of any other attorney!

    AVVO Reviewer
  • Case Not Prosecuted. Best lawyer in Fairfax. Criminal charges should never be taken lightly, and Mr. Manikas is worth the expense. He produces the best results.

    Case Not Prosecuted.  Best lawyer in Fairfax. Criminal charges should never be taken lightly, and Mr. Manikas is worth the expense. He produces the best results. For the past several months I have been constantly anxious about by impending court date. Mr. Manikas was able to convince the police officer and the prosecutor to not pursue charges against me. I was in and out of court faster than anyone. Do everything Mr. Manikas recommends before court, and he will do the rest.

    AVVO Reviewer
  • Dedicated and Trustworthy

    Dedicated and Trustworthy.  I hired Kyle to defend me against a DUI charge. I received hundreds of ads and brochures in the mail and initially sought him out because he provided information about "refusal" in his mailer. Kyle provided his services for an inclusive flat fee. My case was continued 4 times and eventually went to trial. It was Kyle who encouraged continuances and going to trial, when he thought is would be helpful to my case. He always kept me informed and updated me with regular phone calls. Kyle is very knowledgeable about the court, the prosecutors, and the judges. He uses this familiarity to gain the most advantageous courtroom line-up (to the extent to which he can control it). He offers sound, non-judgmental advice and works hard for a win. At trial, he was well-spoken, fluent in the law, quick on his feet, and relentless. He provided overall excellent service. Friendly and responsive staff too.

    AVVO Reviewer
  • A small miracle. Against great odds.

    A small miracle. Against great odds, Kyle got my reckless driving charge reduced to speeding. A different lawyer told me that in all his years he never had a situation with quite my circumstances -- and that it was nearly impossible for multiple reasons. I give Kyle lots of credit (and I think prayer helped. A lot.)

    Bruce Kuhn
  • Excellent and Professional Attorney!

    Excellent and Professional Attorney! Mr. Manikas has represented me two times and handled both cases exceptionally. I have immense trust in him and his reputation in Fairfax County is well known. Other attorneys may compete on price, but if you’re willing to invest in a quality attorney for your case, I highly recommend Mr. Manikas.

    AVVO Reviewer
  • Forever Grateful

    Forever Grateful - I had to write a review to express my sincerest gratitude to Mr. Manikas for his representation. Everything I wrote down on my intake form - my worries, my hopes - were all taken into consideration. No other lawyers that I came across were as sharp or efficient. He handled my case with the upmost professionalism and care. I knew when I walked into his office that I was in the right place. 

    AVVO Reviewer