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  • The Right Choice for Me

    The Right Choice for Me- When my reckless driving citation hit the public record I was bombarded by lawyer solicitations - I knew I needed a lawyer but choosing one was a daunting task. Many were easy to eliminate, and with Yelp and Avvo I narrowed it down to about 5 to contact without regard to cost. Mr. Manikas impressed me in our initial (free) consultation and my final choice was between him and a significantly more expensive firm and I chose him. That decision made, his staff was very helpful and responsive from that point until my court date, passing on his instructions and advice for how best to prepare. I was unable to attend my court date, but he assured me that was OK and he could attend to everything that day and that I merely needed to be available by phone. When he did call, everything had been handled and my reckless driving charge had been reduced to Failure to obey a highway sign. The overall cost to me (his fees + fine + court fees) were still hundreds of dollars less than if I had gone with the higher priced firm. He was without question the correct choice for me and I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends.

    Bill - AVVO Reviewer
  • Reckless Driving Pro

    Reckless Driving Pro Understanding the severity of a reckless driving ticket in VA is important, including the possible penalties you could face. I discussed my case with five different attorneys and Mr. Manikas was the only one that gave me a professional and honest opinion about my case. He guided me through the whole process of getting ready for the court process. His performance in front of the judge was outstanding as well as his presentation on all the mitigation work that he recommended I should do. I am extremely appreciative for his support and could have not asked for a better outcome when my charge was downgraded to improper driving.  

    AVVO Reviewer
  • Best in Fairfax to represent you for Reckless Driving.

    Best in Fairfax to represent you for Reckless Driving. Mr Manikas successfully defended me for a reckless driving charge which i got in Reston, Virginia [heart of the city, worst location to get a reckless driving charge]. He clearly suggested what all I can do before the court date to defend the case. I chose him after discussing with several attorneys and the price he charges are really fair when compared to the other attorneys who i spoke with. The office staff responded promptly to all my queries. Finally My charge was reduced to "Failure to Obey Highway Sign."

    AVVO Reviewer
  • Reckless driving charge 79/55 speed zone

    Reckless driving charge 79/55 speed zone. Mr Manikas worked hard to to get my charge changed from a reckless driving to lesser speeding charge. I would have lost my job as a driver. Mr Manikas was first able to get my charge reduced to a 69/55 speed zone,then Mr Manikas was able to convince the prosecutor to reduce my charge to a 64/55 speed zone. Mr Manikas consulted me and explained what to expect and asked me what I wanted to happen with my case. I would highly recommend Mr Manikas to any person who need legal help.  

    Aaron - AVVO Reviewer
  • Would hire again in a heartbeat

    Would hire again in a heartbeat.  I was charged with reckless driving 82/55 on the dulles toll road. I have a very bad record with a -1 point balance. To make things worse, i had a prior reckless charge in 2011. I was very worried about the outcome. Fortunately, Mr. Manikas managed to reduce the charge to 74/55 speeding. i now have peace of mind. Thanks Mr. Manikas :)

    Mohammad - AVVO Reviewer
  • A True Professional

    A True Professional. Everyone involved with Mr. Manikas including himself were beyond helpful. Fantastic lawyer, especially if you take care of the steps he recommends prior to court, he will definitely take care of you.

    AVVO Reviewer
  • Relieved NOVA Driver

    Relieved NOVA Driver. Mr. Manikus is very easy to work with. His experience and rapport with the local courts and its officials make him very effective in defending your cases. Mr. Manikus was able to get my reckless speeding charge reduced to a regular speeding charge as well as getting my HOV violation dropped. Before the court date, Mr. Manikus was very realistic and wanted me to be aware of possible outcomes considering the charges and my driving history, which was very much appreciated. I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone in need.

    Alex - AVVO Reviewer
  • Very Professional representation by Mr. Manikas!!

    Case Charge of Reckless Driving.  Very Professional representation by Mr. Manikas!! Hands down working on behalf of the clients.

    AVVO Reviewer
  • very professional and reliable

    I had a case of reckless driving reduced to improper driving. Kyle was very professional and reliable.

    Justin - AVVO Reviewer

    I LOVE KYLE!  Kyle is an excellent attorney. Integrity, knowledge, experience, customer service... you name it, you find it with him. I highly recommend him. He has helped me with a couple of traffic violations and i am very happy with the results. Attorneys out there are many, but excellent ones, very few like him. Thank you Kyle!

    Javier - AVVO Reviewer