let's just say I'm glad he was on my side.

Amazing. You know those movies where the hotshot lawyer lays out the facts and argues the law as if they wrote it. Well this was that in real life. I approached a police officer to ask about my girlfriend who had been pulled over a block away from my parked vehicle. I was then convinced I had to take sobriety test (which I passed), then a pbt (failed that part) and was booked for DWI. Someone I knew suggested a lawyer she had used before, but that lawyer didn't work in Fairfax. He suggested Mr. Manikas. It's one of the best suggestions I ever got. Of course I did my research and came upon reviews like this; however, I was still beyond nervous. As a cleared professional this isn't something I wanted on my record. He was completely honest with me every step of the way and was quick on getting back to me, but until you actually see him do his thing in the court room... let just say I'm glad he was on my side. Anyway he got my case dismissed. Truly an amazing lawyer.