Life saver.

Life saver.  I was arrested with a class 5 felony with a minimum 1 year mandatory jail sentence for delivering 2 pounds of weed that wasn't even mine. I would have lost my job, my home. I would have gone bankrupt. Forget about a life after prison. After researching easily 50 different lawyers, I realized Mr. Manikas was the obvious best choice. In the past he has worked as a prosecutor, and KNOWS the very people who were trying to put me away. I did nothing to give the prosecutor any reason to give me leniency so I was definitely looking at the worst possible situation. Mr. Manikas relentlessly worked with the detectives and prosecutors to get me the best possible deal. Instead of a felony, I received a misdemeanor for minor possession, no jail time, no parole officer. Just a restricted driver's license for six months. I have my job, my home and my life. There isn't a day I don't wake up and realize how incredibly fortunate I am.AVVO Reviewer